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Excellence and Experience in Aggregate Products

An innovative community partner, Allegheny Mineral is recognized as a superior producer of aggregate products, including limestone construction aggregate, industrial mineral filler, and aglime.



We are proud to be locally and nationally recognized for our mining techniques and reclamation projects. We care deeply about our people and the environment, not just the bottom line.


Rocks build America is more than just a tagline. Mined aggregate is needed to build homes, schools, churches, hospitals, and roads. Our goal has always been to supply the lifeblood of infrastructure projects while leaving as small an imprint as possible.


The cement and concrete industries have made bold goals of achieving net zero emissions. We intend to help them get there through collaborative research and development coupled with our products.


Each job in the aggregate industry creates an additional 5 jobs in the local economy. The positive effect of our facilities is both large and diverse.

What We Do

Allegheny Mineral is western Pennsylvania’s largest limestone construction aggregate, calcium carbonate-based industrial mineral filler, and aglime producer. Founded in 1941, Allegheny Mineral remains a third-generation, privately owned, family-operated business with strong community roots and a focus on environmentally responsible aggregate mining.

Where We Work

With 6 strategic locations employing 200 individuals, Allegheny Mineral enjoys a strong presence in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We recognize the value of strong customer support and relationships and are proud to live in the communities in which we work. And, we’re pleased to say our familiarity with the surrounding community enhances our ability to give customers the attention and resources they need to complete successful projects.

Actively Engaged

Each year, we proudly support and invest in dozens of community-based organizations through donations, sponsorships, employee volunteerism, and fundraising for programs improving the quality of life for people in our communities.

Our commitment spans organizations focusing on education, the arts, youth sports, senior citizens, community services, and youth agencies — all of which enhance the vitality of the communities we call home. We’ve garnered both local and national recognition for our community service and environmental excellence.

Wherever we are, Allegheny Mineral strives to be a good neighbor, sharing the concerns of our communities and working to create a better future.

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